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Who Is WorshipTraining?

WorshipTraining is the worship education arm of the PraiseCharts family of websites. The WorshipTraining website exists to serve the international, interdenominational 21st century Christian community as a Worship and Arts Training, Resourcing and Development network. We have many voices that contribute to our world, from across the church spectrum, that focus on what we believe to be “essentials” related to worship. Our founding Learning Director is Dan Wilt, M.Min., whose bio information is offered below.

We are committed to building…

  • The whole Church – in all its diversity, internationally
  • The ancient-future Church – with all of its riches, both past and present
  • The contemporary Church of the 21st century – with its strengths and challenges in a postmodern world
  • in its understanding and expressions of gathered worship.

    WorshipTraining plays host to a wide variety of worship traditions denominationally, historically, theologically and in practice. For that reason, our focus is not on primarily on perpetuating a theological statement, or defining our work in light of distinctives that separate us from others who do not hold them.

    We are not a church, but are rather a “resourcing and training website,” supporting local church worship ministries with a wide variety of courses and materials.

    Our Philosophy Of Learning

    The WorshipTraining Campus hosts local church leaders, university/college students, academics, artists and followers of Jesus. Because of this diversity, we are enriched, and are absolutely sure that differing viewpoints will rear their heads from time to time.

    We have a local church side to what we do, focusing us on serving a wide diversity of churches. We also have a university side, which encourages students to deeply process important ideas related to worship.

    Therefore, WorshipTraining focuses only on “essentials” in worship understanding, and works very hard to celebrate and create a space of dialogue on matters of worship on which most of our members would find common ground.

    The media we host is, again, diverse. The content of various teachers we host is meant to be diverse, and we choose content based on that premise. In other words, the content we host is not necessarily an endorsement of every view that teacher holds. Rather, it is an endorsement of the idea being expressed being an important one for dialogue in the worshiping church.

    For example, we host churches and content providers that are both ancient and future, liturgical and contemporary, stylistically current and stylistically unique to a church worship style.

    3 Voice Learning

    Our 3 Voice Learning Model*, which guides all of our live and online learning, catalyzes a learning conversation between:

  • The Voice – of those teaching and learning together
  • The Voice – of someone represented by media, books and other times in history
  • The Voice – of the Holy Spirit, illuminating key insights for each learner

  • We also hold these values as we learn, conversationally, together:

  • Diversity in perspective invites rich conversation when done in a spirit of benevolence, generosity, kind-spiritedness and hospitality.
  • Learning is an intentional act on the part of the learner, and is the responsibility of the learner
  • We learn as much from that with which we disagree as we do from that with which we agree.
  • Our Vision Of Faith

    Because WorshipTraining is the education arm of our worship resource channels, we’re sometimes asked if we have a “statement of faith.” The WorshipTraining Campus exists to serve the international, interdenominational 21st century Christian community as a Worship and Arts Training, Resourcing and Development network. A wide variety of diverse traditions, experiences and perspectives on worship (its definition, theology and practice) exists in our content. This is very intentional.

    With over 20,000 protestant denominations in the world, and over 50 denominations and countries represented among us, it is not possible for us to put our primary energies into any one tradition. Rather, we create a community space of learning, seek to guide it based on the ideas below, and allow diverse perspectives to influence one another while our Director seeks to build bridges and give healthy perspective to that online education experience.

    Within our Media Library, there is a wide range of material that reflects this diversity in the Church. However, the range of theology does have a limit. We are not opposed to some ideas that we could learn from even non-Christian contributors, especially regarding music, instrumental and band training – even the craft of skillful songwriting. We are opposed on this site to content that stands in opposition to the core foundations of the Christian faith. These beliefs make a difference in our lives, and give a sense of boundaries to the kind of training that we promote through WorshipTraining.

    We also work hard to focus on “main and plain” ideas about who God is, what worship is all about, and how to effectively lead worship through music and the arts. We attempt to minimize extreme views on any given topic, but on occasion we will have pieces in our Media Library that are valuable in and of themselves, even if we (or our wider community) may not agree wholeheartedly with all that communicator stands for).

    Among our thousands of members, and in our Discussion Groups and Forums, we have members with different views as well. We seek to guide these through our Courses, calling all of our members to think well and biblically about worship. However, we also create freedom for our members to share perspectives, as we are a learning community. In an effective learning community, we learn as much from that with which we disagree, as from that with which we agree. Our Values & Terms Of Use below are the filters we run conversations through, and ask all our members to abide by upon signing up.

    In our estimation, we must hold particular essentials of faith to serve the 21st century church well.

    Essentials about worship that we embrace:

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and is the object of our worship with the Father and Holy Spirit.
  • Worship, in its essence, is about God’s extension of love and grace toward humankind, and our response of complete and utter surrender.
  • The entire biblical Story speaks of God’s work among humanity, and guides us into a revelation of the worship the Father seeks.
  • Jesus’ life, death and resurrection are historical realities, and faith in Jesus is the way to everlasting life.
  • The Church is beautiful in its diversity, and healthy conversations about worship can enrich us and help us understand ourselves as worshippers.
  • We have something to learn about worship from liturgical, contemporary and ethnic expressions of the Church.

  • Teachers that are drawn on in our Essentials Courses, beyond the many worship leaders from many traditions we draw on, are N.T. Wright, Robert Webber and Dan Wilt. However, we do not expect that every church will love all of these teacher’s perspectives in total. It is clear in all we do that we want to celebrate and affirm your local church setting in which the learner expresses his or her leadership and worship life.

    In other words, we focus on the “main and plain” ideas about who God is, what worship is all about, and how to lead worship through music and the arts. We attempt to minimize extreme views on any given topic, but on occasion we will have pieces in our Media Library that are valuable in and of themselves, even if we (or our wider community) may not agree wholeheartedly with all that communicator stands for).

    The following is the faith statement of our parent company, PraiseCharts:

  • We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son Of God — unique in function but equal in identity to the Father.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father to indwell His people with the power and presence of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the Father, who is eternal, personal, the ultimate sustainer of things living and not living.
  • We believe the Father desires to have all people to be in relationship with Him as a child is to a Father.
  • We believe that sin separates us from having a direct relationship with the Father.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ paid the price for our sin through His death on the cross. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus conquered the power of death, and made a way for us to have a relationship with the Father through Him.
  • We believe that the privilege of being in right relationship with the Father, through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, is to live forever in the Kingdom of God.
  • We believe that worship is a way of life, marked by the values that God has communicated through his written Word. Worship can be fueled by music – but it does not exist in the music itself.
  • Our Terms Of Use

    What you agree to in signing up.

    Your are joining the world’s most powerful, encouraging worship and arts development network existing today. We are all the better for your participation. We simply ask, that as you join in, you care for the following values in your interactions on this site.

    Our purpose.

    The WorshipTraining Campus exists to serve the international, interdenominational 21st century Christian community as a Worship and Arts Training, Resourcing and Development network. We are a focused training network, so we ask that all groups, conversations and social sharing focus on serving the 21st century faith community according to the following values.

    The guiding values we ask every member to adhere to upon starting an account.

  • Benevolent, kind spirited, and mutually encouraging discussion
  • Shared resources and a spirit of hospitality
  • Unity amidst our wide diversity across streams of the Church
  • Focused interaction on worship, the arts, creativity, formation and theology
  • Generosity within all of our friendships and communications
  • Respect for the privacy, calling and background of others.
  • Caring for our community.

    As we care for this Learning Community, the Administrators of WorshipTraining.com reserve the right to remove any Groups or Individuals who interact out of accord with the above values. Enjoy the new spiritual 
friendship, and worship encouragement, that is here for you.

    Our Purpose

    WorshipTraining.com exists to theologically, creatively and spiritually deepen the worship life of the local church community. We resource the worship leader and creative artist, as well as those who direct and participate in the gathered worship experience, primarily through roundtable, accessible online educational forums. Everything we do, online and live, starts with a free account.

    How We Fulfill Our Purpose

    WorshipTraining.com is an innovative, long-term initiative aimed at developing human beings to live “fully alive” before God in all spheres of their existence. We focus on contemporary worship leaders and artists, engaging them to think well about their creative vocation, as well as worship past, present and future – all online and across the globe. Using Webinars (live online seminars), digital media and online social networks, we bring worship learning into the home, and into the church, of every worship leader or worshiper with whom we share the journey of learning.

    Drawing on the strengths of artists, theologians, authors, cultural communicators and church leaders, WorshipTraining.com is building a family of thoughtful, passionate, devoted and creative leaders committed to influencing both the Church and culture of generations to come.

    WorshipTraining is a resource website under PraiseCharts, our parent company. Alongside PraiseCharts’ powerful music resourcing platform, WorshipTraining is designed to an educations resourcing platform strengthening the 21st century church with the world’s best worship training materials.

    About Our Founding Learning Director

    Dan Wilt, M.Min.

    For 20+ years as a pastor, worship leader, recording artist (Vineyard Music, All You Are), author (Perspectives On Worship: Five Views with Dan Kimball and others), media developer (DVD Host of What Is Worship?), lyricist, and international conference keynote speaker, Dan Wilt has been equipping the church for faithfulness through his creative work. He is the founding Learning Community Director of WorshipTraining.com (an online training curriculum for local churches). He has also served as the Director of The Worship And Arts Institute, an adjunct professor with St. Stephen’s University (SSU), and is a sought after communicator in universities and conferences.

    After years of pastoring and worship leading, Dan received his Master Of Ministry Degree (M.Min.) in Classic Christian Spirituality and Formation. He then developed a Worship Studies One Year Diploma Program, Intensives and a Master of Ministry Worship Studies Degree program with SSU in New Brunswick, Canada. From here, Dan created The Essentials Courses – 100% online, university-level studies in worship. To reach into the heart of local churches around the globe, he then founded WorshipTraining.com – a 24/7, entirely online training resource.

    Dan draws on his extensive experience serving as the Worship Resource Developer for Vineyard Music Global, Worship Development Coordinator for the Association Of Vineyard Churches Canada, writer for Vertical Music, Creative Editor of InsideWorship Magazine, and as a conference speaker/worship leader at conferences and other interdenominational events for over 20 years. His ancient-future, postmodern-aware, innovative and formation-based approach is unique in today’s worship development world.

    Dan has also served for over two decades as a local church worship pastor, senior pastor and training pastor, and has recorded eight CDs as a songwriter with Vineyard Music and others. The creation of The Institute in partnership with St. Stephen’s University was a finalist for the Bridgeway Foundation Innovation Awards, recognizing powerful educational programs equipping creative leaders in a postmodern world. Dan is a regular host and “worship storyteller” on the new Keep The Faith radio show, airing to over 500,000 listeners weekly across North America.

    To date, Dan has trained literally thousands of worship leaders, musicians, worshipers and spiritual leaders in live and online events. With a Learning Community of over 6000 worldwide (and growing), hundreds of churches involved at WorshipTraining.com, Dan and his team are developing worship leaders who effectively serve in their local church and community with creative vision and a 21st century skill set.

    Our Core Values

    The WorshipTraining.com Learning Community is very intentional, and relentlessly purposeful, about providing accessible online worship and creative training to churches around the world. The following are pivotal statements about who we are, and why we exist.

  • We are an international, interdenominational collective of lifelong learners focused on worship and creativity. We highlight resources that serve a wide musical, creative, theological and discipleship approach.
  • We’ve joined together to intentionally grow, learn and develop in the arena of creativity, theology, history, mission and spirituality. We are devoted to growing deep and wide as worshippers in this generation – and to prepare the way for the next centuries of worship leadership, creative influence and cultural impact.
  • We are made up of many types of worshipers and leaders – worship leaders (main session, youth, small group, children), worship musicians and tech leaders (drummers, keyboard players, bass players, media team leaders, etc.), songwriters (in all genres), worshipers (desiring spiritual formation), pastors (adult, youth, small group, children’s) and artists (performing artists of all genres) from over 30 countries and many denominations.
  • We quest to be a nexus where the past, present and future of worship meet, and care deeply about the worshiping Church’s impact on culture. We draw on the riches of worship past, the energies of worship present, and the possibilities of our worship future – in all of our learning.
  • We are resourced by Contributing Friends from all spectrums of the 21st century Church, including influential scholars, worship leaders, writers, spiritual directors and artists from many streams.
  • We are committed to walk and learn together, across a lifetime, for the sake of this generation of worshipers and the generations to come.
  • We are connected through online technologies in our primary Learning Community experience. This enables us to reach deeply into almost any church, any home, any area of the world today, while at the same time experiencing both a sense of personal contribution to the learning community and receiving from the learning community.
  • We host live training forums that form worshipers, artists, worship leaders and creative influencers for cultural impact, both within and outside of the Church. Our Master Of Ministry Degree, Certificate Program and other live events are optimally designed to develop the creative leader.
  • Our participants want to add value to one another’s leadership and worshiping community life. In that spirit, we will always seek to be generous toward one another and to share our insights with one another.
  • We want to highlight the “best of the best” insights into worship for 21st century faith communities. We will work diligently to maintain a broad voice – engaging with leaders and ideas from liturgical streams, contemporary streams, emerging streams and all corners of the Church. For that reason, the training we highlight will feature many types of voices from differing perspectives.
  • We will graciously learn together, both from those with whom we agree, and from those with whom we do not.
  • We will turn all of our learning into innovative and creative missional service toward the worshiping Church, the waiting culture, and the purposes of God in our generation.

  • If this sounds like a world you’d like to be a part of, then join thousands of us, from over 50 countries and denominations, with a free account.