2 Minute Worship Illustrations, Volume 1

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Themes: Community, Courage, Facing Fear, Forgiveness, Grace, Grief, Habits, Joy, Loss, Love, Stress

2 Minute Worship Illustrations: Stories & Metaphors For Messages

Each 2 Minute Worship Illustration is a short story tool that can be used to inspire you as a leader, use as an illustration for a message, or put to music for a special event.

Shared by Dan Wilt every week with Keep The Faith Radio’s 2 million+ listeners, these illustrations are just what you need for a dose of inspiration today.

Course Outline:

Forgiveness: Why Drinking Poison Is Bad For You  
Handling Stress: How Worship Together Heals Us  
Community: Two Teenagers In A Sinking Boat  
Joyful Living: Do You Need Balance Or Rhythm?  
Breaking Bad Habits: A Long Walk Through The Mall  
Christmas: Christmas In Coal Country  
Loving Our Neighbor: Three Neighbors With Cancer  
Loving Our Neighbor: Tiolet-Papered House  
Overcoming Fear: The Water Bottles  
Finding Courage: When Your Past Is A Roadblock  
Finding Courage: The Olympian Who Wouldn’t Stay Down  
Finding Strength In Loss: The Businessman’s Wife  
Dealing With Grief: How Funerals Make Honest People  
Finding Strength In Loss: The Heart Doctor And The Gift Of Pain  
Easter: How Can We Find Hope In A World Of Unanswered Prayer?  
Fear: F.E.A.R. – False Expectations Appearing Real  
Facing Our Fears: The Good Friday Job Loss  
Joy: A Grandfather Who Knew A Secret  
Dreams: The New Year Resolution  
Forgiveness: 216,000 Hours Of Marriage  
Forgiveness: The Gardener And The Twisted Roots  
Worship As All Of Life: Hit In The Chest Of Love  
Grace: A Trafficked Girl And The Power Of Forgiveness  
Mercy: Three Women In A Restaurant  
Forgiveness: When The Dog Walks You