A Well Worn Path, Volume 1: A Daily Listening Devotional With Dan Wilt

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A Well Worn Path, Volume 1 is a welcome re-boot on the audio devotional for the 21st century Church, packaged as a collection of 31 daily “spiritual reflections” from artists Dan Wilt and ambient composer Jeremy Dunn. With sounds reminiscent of Brian Eno, Sigur Ros and Bon Iver, Dunn & Wilt couple powerful, inspiring devotional moments with the atmospheric, celestial instrumental compositions of an indy keyboard, vocal, hammered dulcimer duo. Perfect for daily car, home, office, or workout listening. The free “How To Use This Devotional Series” PDF is downloadable here:

Download: PDF

How to use this audio devotional:

1) Download the audio files below, and put the mp3s on your computer and devices,
2) Select the audio corresponding to the present calendar day, listen, and
3) When finished, select the Doxology Anthem & Prayer Track as a soundtrack for your personal prayers.

For Premium Members, this devotional is great for your whole team to download and do together.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Believe Then See  
Day 2: Choose Intimacy  
Day 3: Enter Light  
Day 4: Cease Worry  
Day 5: Do Good  
Day 6: Create With God  
Day 7: Revere Your Spouse  
Day 8: Set Your Creative Impulse Free  
Day 9: Don’t Attempt To Escape  
Day 10: Receive The Holy Spirit  
Day 11: Master Contentment  
Day 12: Engage Your Inheritance  
Day 13: Be Godlike  
Day 14: Live From An Inner Sabbath  
Day 15: Stir Up Your Desire  
Day 16: Pass Your Tests  
Day 17: Live In Lent  
Day 18: Run In The Path  
Day 19: Learn The Art Of Love  
Day 20: Prosper Into Your Future  
Day 21: Love Extravagantly  
Day 22: Expect The New  
Day 23: Flow In Creativity  
Day 24: Lead People To Jesus  
Day 25: Heal The Nations  
Day 26: Take Desperate Measures  
Day 27: Just Lead  
Day 28: Radically Listen  
Day 29: Empower Your Community  
Day 30: Love Selflessly  
Day 31: Trust Completely  
Daily Prayer Track – A Well Worn Path (Instrumental) & Doxology