A Worshipper’s Character

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Themes: Character, Theology, Worshipper

Gateway Worship Team Trainer is a complete curriculum for developing worship teams and worshipping congregations. With Trainer’s help, you will raise up highly effective worshippers who understand and exemplify worship both on and off of the platform! A Worshipper’s Character builds upon the enlightened understanding and heart of worship to develop character, our most important platform for worship leading. Taught by Pastor Sion Alford, this series will teach you the importance of walking in the Character of Christ. Talent can take you places, but character is what will keep you there. PDF Notes And Study Guide are included with each session. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

The Gift And The Anointing  
The Purpose Of The Gift  
The Glory Of God  
The Purpose Of The Glory  
The Importance Of Christlike Character  
The Process  
The Reward  
Pride – The Enemy Of God  
Humility – The Essence Of All Virtues  
Humility – The Character Of Christ  
Humility – Putting It On