A Worshipper’s Foundation

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Themes: Theology, Worship Life, Worshipper

Gateway Worship Team Trainer is a complete curriculum for developing worship teams and worshipping congregations. A Worshipper’s Foundation taught by Pastor Zach Neese, develops a core biblical understanding of praise and worship and their practical application to a worshipper’s lifestyle. PDF Notes And Study Guide are included with each session. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

Who Am I?  
Ground Rules  
The Gates Of Worship  
Cleansing Worship  
Intimate Worship  
Powerful Worship  
Passionate Worship  
Glorious Worship  
What Is Praise? – Part 1  
What Is Praise? – Part 2  
What Is Worship? – Part 1  
What Is Worship? – Part 2