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Themes: Vocalist, Background Vocalist, Vocals

Sheri Gould is an expert in helping people to incorporate healthy vocal technique into a contemporary style. She is a gifted communicator regardless of the subject matter. In addition to her expertise in all things vocal, she is also frequently asked to speak on other subjects as well. Sharing her perspective on what makes an effective worship leader/worship team often endears her to audiences as she frequently touches on some difficult subjects as well. This FREE course includes many of Sheri’s past blog posts on a variety of topics. To learn more, visit her website at:

Course Outline:

What Is A Vocalise?  
Winter Blues  
3 Best Vocal Tips For Cooler Weather  
How Can I Increase My Vocal Range?  
4 Steps To Curing Butterflies In The Stomach  
Basic Health Care For Your Voice  
Be Prepared!  
Breathing Essentials  
Chest Voice, Head Voice And Falsetto  
Train ’em Right – Train ’em Young  
The Ultimate Vocalist  
Commitment…The Scary Word  
For Men Only  
For Women Only  
How Much Is Enough?  
How To Be An Effective Background Vocalist  
How To Find The Right Vocal Coach  
Is Excellence Necessary?  
It’s Just Not The Right Time  
Let’s Talk “Song Delivery”  
What Do I Do About “Suzy?”  
Warm-Up Vs Work-Out  
Vocal Damage  
Look At You!  
Too Much ‘Me’ In The Monitor….  
Tone Quality, Resonance and Style  
Listen To Me  
The “New” Choir  
Teaching Kids To Sing  
Should Worship Leaders Be Great Singers?  
Of Mics And Men  
Nailin’ Those High Notes