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The ARRANGING & GUITAR TIPS audio/video series is based on Ric Flauding’s book, Guitar Tips: What Every Worship Guitarist Should Know. Arranging & Guitar Tips offers practical lessons from Ric’s many years of experience arranging and performing music for the recording studio, live performance and print publication. Ric draws on his experience of writing in a multitude of styles and for a wide variety of ensembles.

For Premium Members this course is available in multiple formats.

Course Outline:

Introduction To Arranging Tips  
What Is Arranging? – Public Domain & The Law  
What Is Arranging? – The Validity Of Arranging  
What Is Arranging? – Theory  
A Basic Philosophy  
Procedure Part 1: Why  
Procedure Part 2: Expanded Lead Sheet  
Procedure Part 3: Texture Settings  
Procedure Part 4: Putting It Together  
Procedure Part 5: Examples  
The Long Line  
Sketch Score: Amazing Grace  
An Anchor In Rough Waters: Moonlit Analysis Part 1  
Root Cycle Progressions & Harmonic Rhythm: Moonlit Analysis Part 2  
Arranging Instruction: Introduction (Holy, Holy, Holy)  
Arranging Instruction: Part 1 (Holy, Holy, Holy)  
Arranging Instruction: Part 2 (Holy, Holy, Holy)  
Arranging Instruction: Part 3 (Holy, Holy, Holy)