Audition For Change

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Themes: Auditions

Are you making it a point to develop both skill and heart, competency and character in your worship team? One of the ways you can do this is through your audition process: AUDITION FOR CHANGE!

In this eBook, Chris Vacher describes one sample audition process for consideration. Spend some time digging into the WHY behind the HOW and be willing to explore new options. (Note: Your final process may not look identical to this one and that’s okay.)

Discussion questions are provided at the end of selected chapters to help worship leaders and their teams think through and develop their own audition process.

Course Outline:

Audition For Change (full download)  
The Why Behind The Audition Process  
The How Behind The Audition Process  
Audition Step 1: Observation  
Audition Step 2: Conversation  
Audition Step 3: Integration  
Audition Evaluation