Backs Against The Wall Worship

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Themes: Early Church, Heart Of Worship, Liturgy, Story, Worship, Worship Expressions

The purpose and dynamic of people coming together in worship involves pouring out their lives together and, in doing so, living a common story.

I first met Dr. David Moore as a student in one of his lectures at St. Stephen’s University. I believe his passion and deep understanding of the communities of dissenting voices in ancient Christian history is an important component for a more complete comprehension of the message of Jesus. I learned from David that the gospel is as much about the marginalized views and lives of the dissenters as it is about the prevailing doctrine and histories of the teachers whose ideas prevailed as church orthodoxy.
-Kim Gentes

Course Outline:

Backs Against The Wall Worship – Synopsis  
People Express Common Heartfelt Experience  
Jesus Followers Right After The Resurrection  
Worship, Liturgy & Story