Beyond The Beat: Percussion For Worship

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Themes: Drums, Tutorial, Drummers, Percussion

Professional percussionist Mark Shelton shares tips and techniques for percussionists, worship leaders, producers, and anyone desiring to learn about the use of this family of instruments in both contemporary and traditional Christian worship

Course Outline:

Cookin’ With The Cabasa  
App Advice For The Worship Team Percussionist  
Proverbs For Percussionists  
Here Comes Your Solo  
Groove Elements  
Stuff That Lives In My Mallet Case  
Pat Your Head, Rub Your Stomach  
Be Wise And Warm Up  
The Church Timpanist: Challenges & Solutions  
You’ll Need Some Tape  
The Steady Streams  
Silent Partners  
Rhythm Triangle  
Permutation Prowess  
Big Tasty Tom-tom  
Bring On The Sleigh Bells  
Percussion In The Small/Quasi-Acoustic/No Drum Set Worship Team  
Tambourine: Tone, Technique And Tips  
Snare Drum 411: The Quick Guide  
Fundamentals Of The Flam  
Praise Him With Ringing Metal: Triangle and Suspended Cymbal  
Savvy With The Shaker  
Box Of Rhythm: Learn To Play The Cajon  
Cajon & Djembe: The Basics  
The Rise Of The Sticks  
Coloristic Considerations  
Memorizing Music: Beyond Brute Force and Repetition  
The Art Of Not Playing  
How To Rock (Percussion)  
Set-up Strategy  
Staying Current With Your Skills: Update and Upgrade  
Get Your Soft Chops Together  
Essential Implements  
Rim Techniques  
Big Six For Sticks  
Claves: Get Clickin’