Bread And Butter For The Worship Team

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Themes: Vocalist, Songwriting, Drummers, Guitarist, Keyboard, Musician, Worship Team

The “Bread and Butter” series is designed to lay out those simple yet often missed basic practices and skills needed in every aspect of worship ministry. Each video and colorful, easy-to-read eBook contain 5 key practices for every position of the worship team. These eBooks are great conversation starters for worship leaders and their teams as they strive to improve their musical worship expression.

Course Outline:

Bread & Butter For Drummers  
Bread & Butter For Bass Players  
Bread & Butter For Keyboard Players  
Bread & Butter For Acoustic Guitarists  
Bread & Butter For Electric Guitarists  
Bread & Butter For Electric Guitar Effects  
Bread & Butter For Backing Vocalists  
Bread & Butter For Lead Vocalists  
Bread & Butter For Worship Songwriters