Copyrights 101: Basic Building Blocks

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Church and ministry leaders want to honor copyrights and do the right thing, but copyright compliance can often be complex, confusing and overwhelming. In this series, Susan Fontaine Godwin, Founder and CVO of Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) helps make understanding easy by answering the most common copyright questions asked by today’s worship leaders.

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Here’s a great free downloadable resource from The Copyright Coach by CCS: Solve the Puzzle of Copyrights: Six Keys to Learning How to Do Music Right. Based on 30 years of experience teaching and helping churches with copyright compliance, this eBook is written by Susan Fontaine Godwin (CCS founder/CVO). She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Mobile where she teaches “Survey of Copyrights and Intellectual Property Law” within the Worship Leadership Program.


Course Outline:

What Is A Copyright?  
What Can Be Copyrighted?  
Exclusive Rights Of Copyright Owners  
Copyright Myths  
Basic Building Blocks For Your Church  
Unlocking The Religious Service Exemption