Daily Steps In The Worship Journey

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Themes: Worship Leading, Theology, Worshipper

This video series is based on Andy Park’s book, The Worship Journey. As a well known worship leader, and pastor for over three decades, Andy offers practical advice, experienced counsel and inspiring ideas on the many aspects of worship. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

Introduction To Daily Steps In The Worship Journey  
You Can Know God Personally  
If You Know You’re Loved, You’ll Joyfully Serve  
Soak In The Grace Of God  
God’s Grace: Our Source Of Significance  
Treasure Seekers: Re-Orienting Our Lives Daily  
Treasure Seekers: Training Our Souls To Love God  
Prayer: Conversation, Not Performance  
Praying When You Feel Distant From God  
Honesty And Authenticity In Prayer  
Conversational Prayer And Finding A Routine  
Hearing From God: Father To Child  
He Speaks To Those Who Intend To Obey  
Hearing From God: Specific Guidance  
Hearing From God: Practical Examples  
God Talks To His Friends: Examples From Church History  
God Talks To His Friends: Practical Points  
God Talks To His Friends In Many Ways  
Be Like Little Children: Faith And Expectation  
Be Like Little Children: Ready to Try New Things  
Living A Grateful Life: Pathway To Peace  
Living A Grateful Life: Obstacles To Thankfulness  
Living A Grateful Life: More Obstacles To Thankfulness  
Worship And Suffering: Getting Through The Ups And Downs Of Life  
Worship And Suffering: Surrendering To Sovereignty  
The Gift Of Music To Ease The Pain  
Greed And Envy Quench The Spirit Of Worship  
Worship: Breaks The Power Of Greed  
Nearness To God  
Worship, Contentment, And Addiction: To What Are You Attached?  
The 5 Points Of Idolatry  
Finding Contentment  
Worship And Unity – Submit To God And To One Another  
Worship And Unity – Let Love Be Your Highest Goal  
Worship And Unity – Members Of One Another  
Worship And Unity – Persevering For Peace  
Work, Rest, And Worship — Work Is A Good Gift  
The Problem Of Over-Working  
The Importance Of Sabbath Rest  
Making Life Choices Shaped By Worship And Faith  
Examples Of Worship And The Risk Of Faith  
Taking Steps Of Faith And Risk  
Worship Overflows In Justice, Part 1: Catching God’s Heart  
Worship Overflows In Justice, Part 2  
Worship Overflows In Justice, Part 3: Seeing The Big Picture Of Worship And Justice  
The Grace Of Giving: Integrity, Loyalty And Generosity  
Finishing Well: Stay In The Race  
More Advice on Finishing Well