Dangerous Worship

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Themes: Authenticity, Early Church, Theology, Worship, Worship Leader

Acts, The Early Church And Worship

Like the early church, in our communities, real worship must not be about pretending or trying to be a professional musician, but about the heart of worship in which we are bringing one’s soul before God and inviting the community to come along this journey together.

I first met Dr. Bill Jackson (“Jax” as he is known to his friends) as a student in one of his classes at St. Stephen’s University. His unceasing appetite for understanding and declaring the grand narrative in the Bible was infectious. It was from Jax that I learned the value of reading through the entire bible multiple times per year. He opened up to all of his students the reality of the meta-narrative present in the scriptures. Jax was also a serious worshiper. With his biblical breadth of knowledge, he has a lot to teach the worship leadership community.
– Kim Gentes

Course Outline:

Dangerous Worship – Synopsis  
Dangerous Worship And The Early Church  
The Presence Of God In Worship  
Lyrics And Theology  
Psalms And Biblical Themes In Worship