Dennis Jernigan Podcast

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Themes: Creativity, Healing, Identity, Ministry, Songs, Suffering

In this free course, Dennis Jernigan shares from his heart to help you find healing for your wounds, hope in the midst of your despair, and a deeper walk with Jesus. New downloadable recordings will be added periodically, so check back often.

For additional weekly episodes of sharing ministry, insights and the stories behind his songs, check out the Dennis Jernigan Podcast on iTunes.

Course Outline:

I Am Yours  
I Revel In The Love  
I Will Think On This  
Just Keep Breathing  
Let Us Rejoice  
Love Day Special  
On My Knees  
The Chronicles Of Bren  
This Is My Destiny  
Trust Me I Know  
You Are My King  
If I Could Just Sit With You A While  
Passionate Obsession  
Who Can Satisfy My Soul  
Thank You Lord  
Little Child In A Manger Lay  
The King Is Coming  
Like Christmas All Year Round  
I Remember  
I Lay Me Down  
I Am Changed – A Choice In The Matter  
More Than Enough  
I Want To Be Free  
This Day – Getting To Know Dennis Jernigan  
Anoint My Heart For Burial  
You Bless My Life – Mother’s Day Episode  
Show Me Where It Hurts  
We Will Worship The Lamb Of Glory