Don Moen Songwriting Workshop

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Themes: Songwriting

In this full length Don Moen Master Class Series Songwriting Workshop, Don pulls from his 30+ years of experience as a songwriter and discusses topics such as:

  • What Makes A Great Song?
  • How To Write A Great Song
  • To Sign With A Publisher Or Not?
  • How To Get Your Songs Recorded And Heard
  • And Much More

If you’re a songwriter, you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to learn essential lessons in songwriting from Don Moen.

Course Outline:

Don Moen Songwriting Workshop – Full Seminar  
You Need To Have Leather Skin  
What Makes A Great Song: Open The Eyes Of My Heart  
What Makes A Great Song: Lord I Lift Your Name On High  
What Makes A Great Song: Shout To The Lord  
Writing A Great Song  
Think Of What You Want To Say And Say It  
Get Your Songs Out  
Listen To Your Lyrics  
Don’t Be Afraid Of Honesty  
How To Choose The Right Meter For Your Song  
Being A Disciplined Writer  
How To Refine Your Song  
Listen To Your Congregation/Audience  
Keep Writing And Listening  
Writing Hallelujah To The Lamb  
How To Get Your Song Recorded And Heard  
Writing Songs To Be A Millionaire?  
To Sign With A Publisher Or Not?  
Don’t Be Afraid To Co-Write