Essentials In Worship Ministry

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The Essentials In Worship Ministry module is for those leading a ministry in their local church. Overseeing a Worship Ministry is a challenging leadership task that requires insight and skill. Grow in your leadership as you look at the ministry tasks of pastoring a team, scheduling bands, working with your pastor and creating systems that just work.

Download the Essentials Manual to get started.

The Essentials In Worship Manual has all the reflection questions, and will guide you through these videos. In fact, each entire Study is only about 6 articles long. Download it, print it, or read it on your screen (iPad, Kindle, etc.). If you print it, you can take good notes.

The full Study requires an All Access Membership.

Course Outline:

Essentials In Worship Manual  
The Challenge Of Leading A Worship Ministry  
The 4 Relationships That Make Or Break Us  
The 9 Roles Of The Worship Pastor  
The Daily Running Of A Worship Ministry  
Building A Legacy Worship Ministry  
Pursuing Growth vs. Perfection  
How To Use The Worship Leader Evaluation Tool