Essentials In Worship Songwriting

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Essentials In Songwriting focuses on the craft of songwriting for worship. Learn with other songwriters from around the world. Write a song. In this course, you’ll explore the foundational skills and tools that strengthen you as a songwriter. Dig into the heart of the creative process, learn to cluster and hone a song vision, taking a song from the early stages of inspiration all the way to the final stages of completion and use. Participants often start a Songwriting Circle in their local church.

Download the Essentials Manual to get started.

The Essentials In Worship Manual has all the reflection questions, and will guide you through these videos. In fact, each entire Study is only about 6 articles long. Download it, print it, or read it on your screen (iPad, Kindle, etc.). If you print it, you can take good notes.

The full Study requires an All Access Membership.

Course Outline:

Essentials In Worship Manual  
Songs Are A Place We Go  
The Qualities Of A Great Worship Song  
Getting Started With Your Song Vision  
The Rewriting Phase And Song Forms  
Finishing, Using, And Testing Your Song  
Writing To Get Better At The Craft  
How To Use The Songwriter’s Toolkit  
How To Evaluate Someone’s Song  
How To Start A Songwriting Circle