First Love

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Themes: Devotional, Encouragement, Small Group, Songs, Story


In June 2016, Dennis Jernigan went into the studio of American Family Association in Tupelo, MS and recorded 16 intimate songs of worship, just DJ and a piano. Called First Love because 10 of the songs are some of the first songs Dennis used in his public ministry, it was like a return to his first love – Jesus. Simple, intimate, raw, heartfelt worship. Also included are 6 new songs Dennis felt should be a part of this collection.

Dennis and Melinda Jernigan minister to people in their home each and every week. Utilizing their living room as a worship/healing center, the music found on the new recording, First Love, is a big part of that ministry. To help facilitate the type of ministry they experience in their living room. Dennis has created a 32 video series for use in small group settings or personal devotion. Each song from the recording has a corresponding worship video, complete with lyrics streaming across the screen to help your group worship along with Dennis as he sings.

In addition, Dennis has created a video for each song telling the story behind the song. These videos are meant to encourage the viewer to deeper places of healing and faith in their own lives and can be used as teaching tools for small groups or for personal study.

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For additional weekly episodes of sharing ministry, insights and the stories behind his songs, check out the Dennis Jernigan Podcast.



Course Outline:

First Love Song Story  
First Love Worship Video  
Who Can Satisfy My Soul Song Story  
Who Can Satisfy My Soul Worship Video  
We Will Worship The Lamb Of Glory Song Story  
We Will Worship The Lamb Of Glory Worship Video  
Faithful And True Song Story  
Faithful And True Worship Video  
Passionate Obsession Song Story  
Passionate Obsession Worship Video  
I Stand Amazed Song Story  
I Stand Amazed Worship Video  
If I Could Just Sit With You A While Song Story  
If I Could Just Sit With You A While Worship Video  
You Love Is Too Pure Song Story  
Your Love Is Too Pure Worship Video  
Redeemer Song Story  
Redeemer Worship Video  
I Need To Know You Song Story  
I Need To Know You Worship Video  
You Are My Life Song Story  
You Are My Life Worship Video  
Just Keep Breathing Song Story  
Just Keep Breathing Worship Video  
When The Night Is Falling Song Story  
When The Night Is Falling Worship Video  
Thank You Lord Song Story  
Thank You Lord Worship Video  
You Are My All In All Song Story  
You Are My All In All Worship Video  
I Lay Me Down Song Story  
I Lay Me Down Worship Video