Guitar Tips: What Every Worship Guitarist Should Know

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Playing an instrument is as much mental as it is physical. We performers (especially guitarist) tend to forget this.

This practical, easy to follow manual is not meant as an exhaustive study on the subjects presented, but rather tips that have worked over years of performing on guitar as a sideman, recording session guitarist, and as a performing artist in and out of churches.

Author, Ric Flauding is an amazing guitarist, performer, arranger, musician, composer, and teacher. His heart for worship and music in the church is contagious and inspiring.

The objective for this manual is to help you want to be a better overall musician by improving your understanding of how the guitar works in a band setting. The three areas visited are rhythm, harmony and melody.

“I love this guitar manual for a ton of reasons. It’s practical, easy to follow and gives some great tips for advancing my playing and understanding of music and the instrument I so love…This book is not so much a “how to play the guitar better” as it is a “how to use your guitar in a band setting.” –Steve Newman (Experiencing Worship)

“I want to whole heartedly endorse Ric Flauding’s new book. In this little, easy to read, book Ric adds some wonderful insights for the worship team guitarist (or worship team instrumentalist in general) regarding rhythm, harmony, and melody and its application to ensemble playing.  The information is presented in a straight forward, easy to understand manner and I trust this new little book will be on the desk of many worship leaders in the near future worldwide.” —Jay Leach (guitarist: Amercian Idol / The Voice)

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Guitar Tips: What Every Worship Guitarist Should Know