Inside Worship Articles

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A free collection of articles excerpted from Vineyard’s Inside Worship Magazine.

Course Outline:

The Supreme Value Of Worship  
Who Is The God We Worship?  
Worship Fit For A King  
The Jesus Creed  
But I’m An Artist! Reflections Of A Worship Leader  
Singing The Song Of The Kingdom  
Torchlight: Igniting The Fire Of The Next Generation  
Finishing Well: A Personal Story  
Voices On Resurrection And New Creation  
Resurrection: Our Living Hope  
Remembering Resurrection  
The Road To New Creation  
The Wonder Of The Cross  
The Place Of Pride  
The Call To See: A Worship Leader’s Reflection  
The Restoration Of Celebration  
Writing Worship Songs For Children  
Time In A Bottle: Reflections On Worship  
Worship: Yesterday, Today And Forever  
The Doctrine Of Man And The Worship Of God  
Inner Living, Outer Giving: Spiritual Disciplines For The Worshiping Heart  
The Values Of A Worship Leader  
Songwriting And The Pursuit Of God  
Songwriter’s Corner  
The Fine Art Of Co-Writing  
The Measure Of A Songwriter  
Songwriting: From The Church, For The Church  
What Is A Song?  
Exploring Our Roots: The Contemporary Worship Movement  
The Divine Dance: Leading Trinitarian Worship  
Great Worship Leaders  
Prayers Of The Past For The Present  
Sacred Creativity  
The Hours Of Our Days: A Worshiper’s Primer On Spiritual Habits  
Keep The Home Fires Burning  
The Circle Of Family  
No Matter What May Come  
Making Worship Team Pie: Key Ingredients In Building And Nurturing The Worship Team  
Mentoring A Worship Leader  
How Christian Holidays Impact Your Worship Set  
Thoughts On Advent  
Christmas: Celebrate With Your Senses  
Keep It Real  
Essential Habits For Worshipers  
From Insanity To Worship  
Developing And Maintaining Intimacy With Jesus  
A Fresh Fragrance  
The Hidden Ministry Of The Worshipper  
Simple Devotion To Christ  
The Sound Of Every Tribe  
Bloodshed To Beauty: How Creativity Is Healing A City’s Soul  
Back To The Basics  
How To Lead Worship: Back To Basics  
On Diversity In Worship  
The Value Of Diversity  
Worship And Cultural Transformation  
Multi-Relevant Worship  
Ways To Diversify Your Worship Expression  
The Ugly Duckling: Celebrating Your Unique Way Of Leading Worship  
Toward A Communal Worship  
Intimacy In Worship  
A Great Sound Tech  
How To Use Technology To Aid You As A Worship Leader  
How To Use Loops In Worship  
Songs To Worship By  
Rehearsal Hall Etiquette  
The Sound Of Your Life: Character And The Worship Leader  
Worship Leader: Team Player Or Independent Artist  
Protecting Our Worship Values  
Eleven Things You May Not Realize About Your Worship Team  
A Beginner’s Guide To Song Selection  
Nine On The Line: Good Medicine For Young Worship Leaders  
What’s Music Got To Do With It?  
The Music Of The Passion  
Journaling: A Hidden Language Of Intimacy  
Autumn In Repair: Finding Faith In The Fall  
Drums In Worship  
Background Vocals In the Spot Light  
In Search Of The Mighty Electric  
The Place For Bass  
The Guitarist’s Guide To Making Mistakes  
Getting Physical With Your Guitar  
How To Use Loops In Worship  
How To Humanize A Worship Space  
Dynamic Duos: Couples Leading Worship  
Leading God-Centered Worship  
Worship: Fact or Feeling  
The Importance Of Scripture Study For Modern Worship Leaders  
Creativity As Commodity  
Caring For Creatives  
Straight From The UTE: A Pastor’s Opinions On Worship  
For Worship Leaders Only: On Rest  
For Worship Leaders Only: Leading In Lake Wobegon  
The Creation Integration: Recovering Biblical Worship  
Worship Fit For A King  
Putting God First  
Worship Leading Is A Privilege  
What Is Full-Time Worship Ministry?  
Organics: Finding The Right Organ Sounds For A Set  
Playing The Keyboard In Worship  
Killer Keyboards: What’s The Deal With Synth Pads?  
Drawing Us Deeper  
The Residue Of Glory  
A Book Review: Renovation of the Heart