Introduction To Leading Worship

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Themes: Worship Leading, Worship Leader

The Introduction To Leading Worship Course is designed to lay a foundation in character, leadership, attitudes and skills for the worship leader. Designed to be an elective in tandem with Essentials In Worship Leading, this course is based directly on the Vineyard Music Equip DVD, Leading Worship, hosted by Dan Wilt and featuring interviews with Brian Doerksen, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott and Andy Park. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

You can also take this course as a Worship Retreat.

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Get the Self-Directed Study PDF

This PDF is designed to offer some extra “hands-on” learning opportunities in addition to the Introduction to Leading Worship course videos. It includes course objectives, a study progression, discussion questions, and options for a creative project.

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Course Outline:

Introduction To Leading Worship  
Understanding Worship  
The Worship Leader’s Role  
Leading A Worship Set  
Choosing Songs For A Worship Set  
Building A Worship Set  
Building Theme-Based Worship Sets  
Establishing Flow In A Worship Set  
Incorporating Hymns As A Worship Leader  
Rehearsing The Band  
Your Musical Role As A Worship Leader  
After You’ve Led Worship  
The Learning Process Of A Worship Leader  
Leading Worship – Full Course Video