Live Looping With Jacob Moon

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Themes: Tutorial, Guitar, Guitarist, Loops

Ever wonder how Jacob Moon is able to make a guitar sound like an entire orchestra? This Course will answer all your questions, and take you inside the multi-tasking mind of a live looping guru. Plus a special looping clinic with guest looper extraordinaire Rick Francis! Songs in this Course include ‘Esperanto,’ ‘Great Beyond,’ ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Subdivisions.’ For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

Building A Better Loop (featuring Esperato)  
Looping Clinic with Rick Francis  
Looping Transitions (featuring The Great Beyond)  
Setting Up The Groove To Solo Over (featuring Hide and Seek)  
Live Looping Hot Tip: Electric Looping  
Live Looping Hot Tip: Let The Loop Be Your Teacher  
Live Looping Song Study: Subdivisions