Myrrh Worship Resource Volume 1: Let It Rain

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Themes: Guitar Tutorial, Acoustic Guitar, Tutorial, Guitar

This free course features 10 popular worship songs taught on acoustic guitar from the “living rooms” of Mike Weaver and Jeremy Redmon of Big Daddy Weave, Michael and Alisa Farren of Pocket Full Of Rocks and Aaron Blanton of By The Tree.

Course Outline:

Audience Of One: About The Song  
Audience Of One: Tutorial  
Audience Of One: Performance  
It’s All About You: About The Song  
It’s All About You: Tutorial  
It’s All About You: Performance  
Fields Of Grace: About The Song  
Fields Of Grace: Tutorial  
Fields Of Grace: Performance  
Sacrifice: About The Song  
Sacrifice: Tutorial  
Sacrifice: Performance  
Hold You High: About The Song  
Hold You High: Tutorial  
Hold You High: Performance  
Beautiful One: About The Song  
Beautiful One: Tutorial  
Beautiful One: Performance  
The Welcome Song: About The Song  
The Welcome Song: Tutorial  
The Welcome Song: Performance  
Falling: About The Song  
Falling: Tutorial  
Falling: Performance  
More Of You Jesus: About The Song  
More Of You Jesus: Tutorial  
More Of You Jesus: Performance  
Let It Rain: About The Song  
Let It Rain: Tutorial  
Let It Rain: Performance