Percussion For Worship: Technique & Tips

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Themes: Drums, Tutorial, Drummers, Percussion

Professional percussionist Mark Shelton shares information for percussionists, worship leaders, producers, and anyone desiring to learn about the use of this family of instruments in both contemporary and traditional Christian worship. Enjoy Mark’s entertaining (and sometimes humorous) teaching style while acquiring knowledge on tambourine, triangle, cymbals, timpani, claves, maracas, and more. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

Suspended Cymbal Basics  
Suspended Cymbal “On A Finger”  
Cymbals: The Grip  
Cymbals: Priming  
Cymbals: Basic Crash  
Cymbals: The Forte Piano Crash  
Cymbals: Ring or Choke?  
Finger Cymbals  
The Steady Stream Part 1  
The Steady Stream Part 2  
The Buzz Stroke  
Buzz Roll  
Crush Roll  
The Five Stroke Roll  
The Six Stroke Roll  
Choosing A Grip  
Traditional Grip  
Matched Grip  
Two-Mallet Grip  
Rimshot Grip  
Cross Stick Rim Shot: The Sweet Spot  
One Hand For Even Tone  
Snare Throw-Off Position  
Flam Positioning  
The Launching Pad  
Fingers Exercise  
Pillow Practice For Double Strokes  
The Cabasa  
Sleigh Bells  
The Vibraslap  
Maracas Technique # 1  
Maracas Technique # 2  
Maracas: Rolls  
Rock Cowbell  
Cowbell on Tambourine  
Headed Tambourine Basics  
Tambourine Timbres  
Tambourine Thumb Roll  
Shake Tambourine: Overview  
Shake Tambourine: Basic  
Shake Tambourine: Accents  
Shake Tambourine: Wrist Rotation Method  
Tambourine Shuffle  
Tambourine Shake Roll  
Shake Tambourine: Horizontal Slide  
Shake Tambourine: Eliminating Extraneous Sound  
Triangle Basics  
Rhythm Triangle  
Triangle Vibrato  
Triangle Roll  
Timpani Mallet Grips  
Timpani Mallets: Marking The Seam  
Shaker: Types  
Shaker: Basic Technique  
Shaker: Grip  
Shaker: Rolls  
Shaker: Solo  
Shaker: Timbres  
Shaker: Manipulating Timbre  
Shaker: Shuffle  
Shaker: Accents  
Changing Shaker Attack  
Conga: Bass Tone & Fingers Tone  
Conga: Slap Tone  
Conga: Open Tone  
Chinese Bell Tree  
The Woodblock  
The Shekere  
The Rainstick  
The Kokiriko  
The Guiro  
Cajon: Soup Up The Slap  
Floor Tom Loop