Percussion Minute With Mark

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Themes: Percussion Tutorial

Professional percussionist Mark Shelton entertains and educates with his trademark high-energy style as he traverses through an arsenal of percussive paraphernalia. These teachings (from his “Percussion Tip Tuesday” series) are condensed down to the bare essentials – Each video is about one minute in length.

Course Outline:

Triangle Special Effects  
Rhythm Triangle Spice  
Triangle Tip: The Holding Hand  
Tambourine Basic Striking Methods  
The Tambourine Shuffle  
Lower Shake Tambourine Volume  
Out-motion Accents On Shake Tambourine  
Arm Relief Tip for Practicing Shake Tambourine Accents  
Cowbell With Tambourine  
Rock & Pop Cowbell Tone  
The Finger Cymbals  
Crash Cymbals Grip: Thumbs Up  
One-hand Cymbal Roll  
Suspended On A Finger  
Cymbals Plate Roll  
Make A Combo Stick  
Remedy For Missing Timpani Markers  
Fix Your Flam  
Throw-off Placement  
Smooth The Buzz  
Precise Landing  
Shekere: Alternate Technique  
Cabasa Adjustment Tips  
Sleigh Bells: Avoid The Extraneous  
Maraca Rolls  
Vibraslap Note Lengths  
Rainstick: Part One  
Rainstick: Part Two  
De-clutter Your Mallet Case  
A Very Important Stick  
Blank Paper To The Rescue  
Adjust For The Optics  
Be Open  
The Source: A Classic Book of Scales  
A Weekly Dose of Rudiments  
Son Clave 3-2 Version  
Son Clave Rhythm 2-3 Version  
Cascara Rhythm 3-2 Version  
Cascara Rhythm 2-3 Version  
Ring & Pinky Workout  
Pillow Practice