Preparing For Worship Renewal

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Themes: Renewal, Worship

Preconditions And Stages Of Worship Renewal

Although true worship renewal ultimately derives from divine initiative, there are a number of preparations a church can make to ready itself for God’s action. These six entries share the preconditions, the principles, the psychology, and the challenges of worship renewal. Because worship arises out of the gospel, congregations seeking the renewal of worship pay new attention to the gospel. This section speaks to several central issues addressed by churches involved in worship renewal: the restoration of Christus Victor; the recovery of the corporate nature of the church; the realization of community through small groups; and the release of every member’s gift for ministry.

  1. The Restoration Of Christus Victor
  2. The Church As Community
  3. Unity Through Worship
  4. Community Through Small Groups
  5. Recovering The Gifts Of The Laity
  6. Stages Of Worship Renewal

Understanding The Principles Of Worship

Liturgical scholars generally agree that the worship of the church arises out of the gospel and is, in this sense, event-oriented. The primary focus of worship is not an abstract deity, but the God who acts in history to redeem and restore human beings and the created order. Principles of Christian worship derive from the biblical conviction that the foundational event celebrated in worship is the dying and rising of Jesus Christ, through which evil is ultimately defeated and the creation restored and renewed. This section explores eight of these principles, beginning with the fundamental premise that worship celebrates Christ.

  1. Principle One: Worship Celebrates Christ
  2. Principle Two: Worship Tells And Acts Out The Christ Event
  3. Principle Three: In Worship God Speaks And Acts
  4. Principle Four: Worship Is An Act Of Communication
  5. Principle Five: In Worship We Respond To God And To Each Other
  6. Principle Six: Worship Is An Act Of The People
  7. Principle Seven: Worship Makes Effective Use Of God’s Creative Gifts
  8. Principle Eight: Worship Is A Way Of Life

Exploring The Psychology Of Worship

It is important that the church understand the psychology of worship. Participation in worship impacts believers emotionally and psychologically. Although worship is corporate, it is made up of individual acts. It is not only something taking place outside the self but is also something occurring within the self. The three entries in this section discuss impediments to worship and look at worship as a psychological phenomenon that relates to the struggles and passions of the inner person.

  1. Wounds That Hinder Worship
  2. Ten Basic Needs Met By Worship
  3. Toward A Biblical Psychology Of Worship

Challenges Facing Worship Renewalists

The renewal of worship in the local church faces major challenges. These 12 entries examine some of the obstacles to worship renewal. If one is to facilitate effectively such renewal, he or she should be familiar with the problems that must be isolated and resolved.

  1. Lack Of Concern For Worship Renewal
  2. Contempt For Praise Of God
  3. Substitutes For Worship
  4. Misplaced Priority In Worship
  5. Corruption Of Worship By Manipulation And Utilitarianism
  6. McEucharist: The Allure Of “Fast-Food” Worship
  7. Corruption Of Worship By Aestheticism
  8. The Problem Of Form And Language
  9. Areas Of Challenge In Free-Church Worship
  10. Areas Of Challenge In Liturgical Worship
  11. The Need For Redefining Worship In Charismatic Churches
  12. The Need To Recover Celebration