Pulse: Your Rhythm. God’s Heart.

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Themes: Study, Worshipper

A person’s pulse is an indicator health-a sign of life. Just like a pulse indicates physical life, worship is evidence of a dynamic, growing spiritual life with the Creator. A healthy Christian life cannot exist independent of worship-they are inseparable. Prepare yourself to experience PULSE! Join LaMar Boschman on a twelve-part series exploration into the mysteries of worship. Through creative and relevant teachings these bite-size films, will help you align the rhythm of your life in synch with the beat of God’s heart.

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Course Outline:

Pulse: Wired  
Pulse: Aim  
Pulse: Drive  
Pulse: Core  
Pulse: Temple  
Pulse: Romance  
Pulse: Occupied  
Pulse: DNA  
Pulse: Beyond  
Pulse: Dew Point  
Pulse: Go Public  
Pulse: The Verdict