Simplivocals: Scaling

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Themes: Vocalist

Your voice is an incredible instrument that should last you a lifetime if you learn to play it properly and look after it well just as you would any other physical instrument. Scaling is effective for improving range, tone, pitch, strength, and discipline. Invest in your voice using Simplivoice scales.

Libby Huirua is a worship pastor based at Equippers Church Auckland, New Zealand. Known best for her ministry with the original Parachute Band, she has been ministering in worship around the world with her husband Wayne for over 25 years. They are especially passionate about empowering local church worship with training, equipping and inspiration for worshipers, worship leaders, musicians and worship teams worldwide.

Course Outline:

Simplivocals: Introduction  
Simplivocals: Four Basics  
Vocal Scaling Introduction And Instruction  
Vocal Warm Up Scales 1-10  
Vocal Work Outs 1-5: One Ocatve Run Scales  
Vocal Work Outs 6-10: Arpeggio Scales  
Vocal Work Outs 11-15: Two Octave Scales  
Vocal Work Outs 16-20: Two Octave Arpeggio Scales  
Vocal Work Out 21: Octave Jumps  
Simplivocals: Scaling (full download)