Sing Now! Voice Lessons For Beginners

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Themes: Vocalist

SING NOW! VOICE LESSONS FOR BEGINNERS is a fun, down to earth, comprehensive audio voice lesson series designed to guide singers of any level and age. Vocal instructor Kristin Chambers delivers clear vocal techniques and exercises that have guided hundreds of singers to gain more confidence while improving their singing voices steadily over time. ”Sing Now!”- is a valuable tool that will benefit any singer or public speaker.

Course Outline:

Sing Now! Welcome And Introduction  
Sing Now! Posture  
Sing Now! Breathing For Singing  
Sing Now! Long S Exercise  
Sing Now! S To Ah Exercise  
Sing Now! Short S Exercise  
Sing Now! Ha Ha Exercise  
Sing Now! Understanding Your Upper And Lower Register  
Sing Now! Springboard Exercise  
Sing Now! Octave Slide Exercise  
Sing Now! Me Ah Oh OO Exercise  
Sing Now! Ah Exercise  
Sing Now! OO EE Ah Exercise  
Sing Now! Entrances Into Your Notes  
Sing Now! America The Beautiful Performance Track  
Sing Now! America The Beautiful Accompaniment Track  
Sing Now! How To Rehearse A Song Tip 1  
Sing Now! How To Rehearse A Song Tip 2  
Sing Now! How To Rehearse A Song Tip 3