Songwriting With Jacob Moon

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Themes: Songwriting

Jacob Moon takes you all the way from the blank page to the finished song, stopping along the way to delve deep into chord theory, alternate tunings and song examples like ‘Sara’, ‘End of the Road’ and ‘Leaving.’ Also lots of HOT TIPS, songwriter interviews and new performances featuring guest Ali Matthews! For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

Songwriting Exercise: Rewriting the Lyrics and Music  
Songwriting Artist Interview with Cory Drak  
Songwriting Theory: Major Scales and Diatonic Chords  
Double Drop D Song Study (featuring Sarah)  
Songwriting Exercise: Play With Open Tuning  
Writing Chord Progressions  
Songwriting and Rhymes  
Songwriting Artist Interview with Jon Buller  
Songwriting Hot Tip: Long Distance Writing  
Songwriting Song Study (featuring End Of The Road)  
Songwriting Hot Tip: The Chorus Lift  
Songwriting Song Study (featuring Leaving)  
Gear For Songwriters  
Sarah Music Video