The Beginning Drummer

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Themes: Tutorial, Drummers

There are so many songs in contemporary worship, a drummer might think it’s impossible to learn them all. Professional drummer Carl Albrecht has taken on this monstrous task in order to show you how to prepare for the grooves of worship. Carl also shares tips on how to make sure that your drum set is suited to you plus offers excellent advice on drum tuning. While this teaching is designed for the beginning to intermediate player, even advanced drummers will find this course to be a helpful resource in their continued learning. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

Intro To The Beginning Drummer  
Drum Setup: Make The Kit Fit  
Drum Tuning: Getting A Great Sound  
Drum Tuning: The Snare Drum  
Drum Tuning: The Tom Toms  
Drum Rudiments and Basic Technique: The ABC’s  
Drum Rudiments On The Kit  
4 Basic Drum Grooves: 8th Note Groove  
4 Basic Drum Grooves: 16th Note Groove  
4 Basic Drum Grooves: Triplet Groove  
4 Basic Drum Grooves: The Shuffle  
Drums And Percussion – The Next Step