The Doxology Anthem Series

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Themes: Worship Leading, Advent, Communion, Doxology, Easter

Every week, for centuries, thousands of congregations around the globe have lifted their voices in worship with one single song. And, during Advent, that chorus will rise every single Sunday. What is that one song? You probably know it by heart – The Doxology.

Dan Wilt (Founder, WorshipTraining), in this Doxology Anthem Series, takes you into the history and power behind the anthem that Christian History Magazine suggests “…May be the world’s best-known hymn.” Dan reveals why he believes it is among the most important songs of the 21st century Church.

A complete 7-part worship toolkit and teaching resource for you and your local church.

Download the eBook, and get started. (The full Series requires an All Access Membership.)

All the materials for the Doxology Anthem Series are a collaboration between Dan Wilt and Nashville-based Photographic Designer Daniel Whisnant.

Course Outline:

The Doxology eBook  
The Doxology Anthem – A Documentary Video  
The Doxology Anthem – The Wooden House Sessions  
The Doxology Anthem – Chord Charts, MP3, Text File  
Doxology Anthem (Lord We Praise You) Official Lyric Video  
The Doxology Anthem – A Litany  
The Doxology Anthem – Responsive Reading  
The Doxology – Sermon Manuscript For Pastors