The Elemental Life

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Themes: Spiritual Formation

A spiritual formation study for individuals and small groups. Voices like Bernard of Clairvaux, Dillard, Guyon and more.

Drawing on the “element” metaphors from creation, you’ll look at Earth (the grounded life), Wind (the inspired life), Fire (the empowered life), and Water (the communal life) to see how cultivating each of these areas in our lives will keep us thriving, “in our element,” in Christ Jesus (1 Cor. 12:4-11).

A distinctly Celtic, artful twist on spiritual formation.

Course Outline:

The Elemental Life  
Intro To Spiritual Formation  
Earth: A Grounded Life  
Wind: The Inspired Life  
Fire: An Empowered Life  
Water: The Communal Life  
The Elemental Life: A Conclusion  
How Do You Stay Grounded?  
How Do You Stay Inspired?  
How Do You Stay Empowered?  
How Does Staying Connected In Community Affect Our Faith?