The Role Of The Drummer

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Themes: Drums, Drummers

The Role Of The Drummer Course is designed to strengthen every drummer involved in a worship team or ministry. Whether you are an experienced drummer, or just beginning, this Course will encourage you in your calling, help define your role in the band, and inspire you in your role in the worship team. Learn ideas in drumming all the way from “how do I communicate with my worship leader,” to “if I play my snare hard enough, will everyone duck for cover when I hit a rim shot?” This Course is a “must” for every drummer in a local church. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

You can also take this course as a Worship Retreat.

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Get the Self-Directed Study PDF here:

This PDF is designed to offer some extra “hands-on” learning opportunities in addition to the “Role” course media . It includes a study progression, discussion questions, and options for a creative project.

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Course Outline:

Why Do We Do What We Do?  
How Do I Care For My Attitude As A Musician?  
Rehearsal Hall Etiquette  
What Are The Instrument Roles In A Band?  
Making Worship Team Pie  
Eleven Things You May Not Realize About Your Worship Team  
The Circle Of Family  
DrumTalk: Communication Between Drummers And Worship Leaders  
Drums In Worship  
Expanding Your Vocabulary And Phrasing On The Drum Set  
Drummer’s Master Class  
Building A Firm Foundation With Drums and Bass  
7 Steps To Awesome For Drummers