The Ultimate Worship Resource Guide

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Get the Guide that helps worship ministries every week!

The #1 Field Guide for Every Worship Leader: We have done the research so you don’t have to!
Save time & money – End hours of searching for songs & media

We show you the best resources (online and offline) for:

Video media for Sunday – Find top quality visual media
New Songs – Top locations for popular new songs, just released
Free Music – Best places to get free mp3s, PDF music & more
Band Arrangements – find downloadable parts for your band
Hymns – locate best places for hymns and choral packages

What others are saying about “The Ultimate Worship Resource Guide: Songs & Media Edition” –

Kim Gentes watches the world with a thoughtful eye . . . he sees things that others miss. In the world of worship resources he has married creativity, diligence and ingenuity, and he has done this for many years. All of his work related to worship materials and practices grows out of his excellent character and true passion for Christ and His Church.
Dr. Peter Fitch, Dean of Ministry Studies, St. Stephen’s University

My friend, Kim Gentes, has put together a guide that should be on the desk of every worship leader or music minister. It is helpful, clear, unbiased and saves churches time and money. Kim has spent much of his life dedicated to resourcing the church in worship and this volume is full of that wisdom, made practical for each of us.
Don Moen, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Producer- Nashville, TN

“As a worship resourcer and leader of 20+ years, I have been waiting for the Ultimate Worship Resource Guide. More than the guide itself, I’ve been waiting for someone like Kim Gentes to put it together. I will be among the first to own a copy. Every worship leader on the planet should email Kim with a big “thanks” for creating this objective, excellent tool. I’ll be the first to say it: Thank you Kim. You have made my work so much easier.”
Dan Wilt, M.Min., Founder,

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Course Outline:

The Ultimate Worship Resource Guide (full download)  
To Church Worship Ministry Leaders  
Why A Worship Resource Guide  
How To Use The Guide  
Development Of Modern Worship Music Resources  
Changing Name And Style  
More Changes Facilitated By Technology  
Changes In Promotional Channels  
Goodbye Hymnal – Hello Chaos  
Resource Reviews And Ratings  
Where To Find New Songs: Search And Discover  
Where To Acquire New Songs: Online Access And Purchase  
Software And Digital Files Song Sources  
Contemporary Song Sources  
Choral Song Sources  
Printed And Physical Song Sources  
Music Instructional Resources For Song Learning  
Video And Image Media Resources  
Physical Media And Image Sources  
Song Based Media And Image Products  
Acknowledgements – About The Author