The Worship Journey

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Themes: Worship Leading, Theology, Worshipper

Worship is mystical. Worship is practical. Worship changes you, your dreams and your priorities. Jesus is the path and the guide and the fuel and the goal. The adventurous worship life is full of breath-taking vistas, risky mountain passes and challenging climbs. Come along for the ride. Read The Worship Journey by Andy Park (In the Secret, The River Is Here).

When I was growing up, God used Andy in a powerful way to help me become a more developed worship leader, and a more devoted worshipper. A few years on he’s still pouring out the insights and encouragements. This wonderful new book will instruct and inspire many a worshipper of Jesus.
—Matt Redman

This book came to me at just the right time. I needed to read it, and re-read it. Andy skillfully gets to the heart of worship—the heart of living—and unearths all the essential roots to inspire the soul towards a more authentic walk with God. I felt as if I was being mentored by a wise, experienced, and humble journeyman. You shouldn’t just read this book. You should ponder it, digest it, and live it.
—Paul Baloche

Andy is a man of integrity and humility. He lives a life of worship that is inspiring and infectious to anyone around him. In this wonderful devotional book we catch key insights and words of wisdom that will cultivate in us worshipping hearts.
—Tim Hughes

Andy’s heart to pass on pearls of wisdom comes through richly in this book. Andy was one of first people to mentor me as a worship leader and songwriter, and through this book, he is encouraging and mentoring many more. I’m really thankful that he took the time to document his journey!
—Brian Doerksen

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Course Outline:

The Worship Journey Full eBook  
The Worship Journey: Forward By Mark D. Roberts  
A New Life  
It’s All By Grace  
Treasure Seekers  
Partners With God  
God Talks To His Friends  
Be Like Little Children  
Living A Grateful Life  
Worship And Suffering  
Contentment vs. Greed  
Worship, Contentment And Addiction  
Worship And Unity  
Work, Rest And Worship  
Worship And The Risk Of Faith  
Worship Overflows In Justice  
The Grace Of Giving  
Finishing Well