Warm Up Work Out For Vocalists

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Themes: Vocalist, Vocals

Vocal teacher Sheri Gould takes you through a step by step process of warming up your voice with the intention of encouraging you to create your own regular routine. She then moves on to a full vocal workout designed to help you strengthen your voice, increase your range, and take it to the next level. Each exercise is explained and demonstrated for complete understanding and effectiveness. This is a great course for any vocalist. For Premium Members, this course is available for you and your whole worship team.

Course Outline:

Introduction To Vocal Warm Ups  
Warm Up Exercises With Vowels  
Warm Up Exercises For High And Low Ranges  
Vocal Work Outs For Pitch  
Vocal Work Outs For Higher Pitch  
Vocal Work Outs Using Octave Jumps  
Vocal Work Outs For Good Tone Quality