What Is Worship?

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Themes: Theology, Worshipper

The What Is Worship? Course is based on the What Is Worship? DVD from Vineyard Music, with Host Dan Wilt. It is a great introductory look for your entire congregation, leadership team or worship ministry at the basic biblical heartbeat of the worshipping life. With guests like Dr. N.T. Wright, John Eldredge, Brian Doerksen, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott, Dr. Peter Fitch, Dr. Peter Davids – and video from the late John Wimber – this amazing course is packed with insights. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

You can also take this course as a Worship Retreat.

Get the Self-Directed Study PDF

This PDF is designed to offer some extra “hands-on” learning opportunities in addition to the What Is Worship course videos. It includes course objectives, a study progression, discussion questions, and options for a creative project.

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Course Outline:

Who We Worship  
Why We Worship  
How We Worship  
Corporate Expression As Worship  
Personal Expression As Worship  
Prayer As Worship  
Holiness As Worship  
Compassion As Worship  
Proclamation As Worship  
Relationships With Family As Worship  
Relationships With Church As Worship  
Relationship With Culture As Worship  
The Pursuit Of Truth As Worship  
Character Growth As Worship  
Wholeness As Worship  
What Is Worship? – full download