Engaging Your Congregation In Worship

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Themes: Congregation, Whiteboard Worship Training, Worship Leader, Worship Team, Worshipper

This Whiteboard Worship Training course with Dan Wilt features videos on how to assess where your congregation is and how to effectively engage them as worshippers. Help your congregation come alive in your current worship context as you introduce fresh expressions of worship. This course contains practical tips for worship leaders and worship teams – no matter where your congregation is at right now. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

Course Outline:

How To Use Eye Contact And Body Posture To Engage Your Congregation  
How To Get Useful Feedback From Your Congregation  
How To Bring Your Congregation Forward In Worship  
How To Assess Where Your Congregation Is As Worshippers  
How To Read Your Congregation As You Lead Worship  
How To Appreciate Other Church Worship Expressions  
How To Lead People Through Seasons Of Change  
How To Create Different Contexts For Unique Worship Expressions  
How To Lead Worship With Confidence  
How To Create A Healthy Balance Between Structure And Spontaneity