Worship Band Dynamics With Paul Baloche

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Themes: Musician, Worship Band

In this collection of free videos, Paul Baloche shares his heart and experience on many topics relating to worship bands. Worship leaders will discover key insights on arranging, leading, working with the band, and much more.

Course Outline:

Arranging A Worship Band  
Choosing A Bass Player For Your Worship Team  
Choosing A Keyboard Player For Your Worship Team  
How To Choose A Drummer  
What Happens When Your Drummer Doesn’t Show Up  
Integrating New Players Into Your Worship Team  
My Band Members Won’t Practice  
Solving Personal Conflicts On The Worship Team  
Performance Vs. Worship Leading  
Introducing A New Song In Church  
How Often Can I Introduce New Songs  
Praying During Worship  
Should I Keep A Journal  
Strumming Technique  
You’ve Got Mail – Connecting With God