Worship Guitar – Moving Lines

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I love to hear a good piano player realize a chord chart. To this day, I have never heard a piano player, a good piano player play an opening G-C-D chord progression by pounding the three notes of the triad over and over again.
As guitar players, this is essentially what we are doing, playing the notes of the chord over and over and over again. I know, I know, I am comparing a piano and a guitar. I am fully aware of the difference. But, I am always interested in how a piano player can present a moving line while they are playing chords. As an acoustic guitar player, I want in on that as well.
– Lance Beaumont

Course Outline:

Moving Lines Introduction  
Moving Lines Scale Pattern 1  
4 Note Moving Lines  
Moving Lines Scale Pattern 2  
6 Note Moving Lines  
Moving Lines Application & Conclusion