Worship Guitar Now Chord Voicings

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In this intermediate level course, guitarist Jeff Askew will help you learn over 60 of the most commonly used chord voicings utilized by professional guitarists and songwriters in Worship and Contemporary Christian Music today, as well as the theory behind these chords. Instead of being limited to using ordinary chords, you will learn how to apply these new and creative chords to common progressions and songs, and make them a part of your playing immediately. For Premium Members, this course is available for you and your entire worship team.

Course Outline:

WGN Chord Voicings PDF Charts  
Introduction To Chord Voicings  
Chord Voicings Key Of G  
Chord Voicings Key Of E  
Chord Voicings Key Of D  
Chord Voicings Key Of A  
Chord Voicings Key Of B  
Chord Voicings Practice With “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”