Worship Insights With Brian Doerksen

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Themes: Artist, Interview, Worshipper

In this one-on-one interview, Brian Doerksen addresses multiple areas of worship leadership and songwriting. From his journey to becoming a worship leader, to practical tips on small group worship leading, Brian calls the church once again to “remember God” with every song we sing.

The writer of Come Now Is The Time To Worship and Faithful One skillfully puts tools in the hands of today’s worship leader. Pastors and worshipers will appreciate his keen insights into the worshiping life.

Ultimately, Brian’s words focus us again on the Faithful One, who invites us into His presence. For Premium Members, this course is available in multiple formats for you and your worship team.

You can also take this course as a Worship Retreat

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This PDF is designed to offer some extra “hands-on” learning opportunities in addition to the Worship Insights With Brian Doerksen course audios . It includes a study progression, discussion questions, and options for a creative project.

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Course Outline:

Introduction To The Brian Doerksen Training Interview  
My Journey  
Process and Worship Leadership  
The Value of Intimacy  
The Value of Integrity  
The Value of Accessibility  
Worship and the Poor  
Worship Leaders and Artists  
The Sacred Privilege  
Arranging Your Band  
Preparing a Set  
Establishing Flow  
Ending a Song  
After a Worship Set  
Tips On Small Group Leading  
Worship Leaders and Pastors