Worship Insights With Tim Hughes

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Themes: Artist, Interview, Worship Leader, Worshipper

This Course includes training audio from Tim Hughes. Author of the worship anthem, Here I Am To Worship, Tim has taken his place as one of today’s premier voice to worship leaders and songwriters. His passion is to see worship leaders “Keep It Real” as they walk out their journey of discipleship before God and man.

From the UK, Tim stresses the importance of writing biblically sound worship music, and candidly addresses issues of accountability in the worship leaders life. Practical and inspiring, Tim calls us to fall forward as worshipers, toward the throne of God.

Join us on an inspiring journey with Tim, as he helps us to Keep It Real as lead worshipers.
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Course Outline:

Introduction To The Tim Hughes Training Interview  
Worship And Sports  
Writing Biblical Songs  
Your Heart Values  
Preparing A Set  
Preparing Your Band  
Spirit-led Worship  
The Pressure Of Leading  
Worship Nightmares  
Tips For The Leader  
Here I Am To Worship Story  
A Word To Worship Leaders