Worship Insights

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Themes: Attitude, Character, Communication, Creativity, Cultural Relevance, Diversity, Encouragement, Leadership, Ministry, Relationships, Theology

A diverse collection of videos from worship leaders, theologians, scholars, artists, and more on a variety of topics relating to worship ministry, relationships, spiritual growth, and life.

Course Outline:

The Most Important Thing (Andy Park)  
The Theme Of Joy (John Eldredge)  
Religious Fog (John Eldredge)  
The Masculine Soul (John Eldredge)  
Authenticity – From The Heart (John Eldredge)  
Theology And The Worship Leader (Brenton Brown)  
Why Postmoderns Need To Look Back (Matt Maher)  
Spontaneity In Worship (Matt Maher)  
Leading Worship In A Liturgical Setting (Ike Ndolo)  
The Heart Of A Songwriter (Israel Houghton)  
Worship Thoughts on Being Yourself (Don Moen)  
What Happens When We Worship? (Don Moen)  
Cultivating Your Skills As A Musician (Don Moen)  
Our Greatest Obstacle As Worship Leaders (Don Moen)  
The Pastor And Worship Leader Relationship (Mike Pilavachi)  
From A Pastor To Worship Leaders (Mike Pilavachi)  
Leaving A Worship Legacy (Mia Fieldes)  
Creating Space (Anabeth Morgan)  
Women, Theology and Contemplation (Vicky Beeching)  
The Arrival Of The Kingdom (Derek Morphew)  
A Word To Worship Leaders (David Ruis)  
Imitation Or Inspiration? (David Ruis)  
Creative Community (David Ruis)  
How To Write Modern Hymns (Keith Getty)  
Telling Compelling Stories (Donald Miller)  
Valuing Your Ethnic Expression (Tina Colon)  
The Theology Of Our Worship Services (Glenn Packiam)  
The Worship Leader As A Shepherd (Glenn Packiam)  
Cultural Relevance & The Worship Leader’s Vocation (Glenn Packiam)  
Autumn In Repair with Steve Jones  
The Missional Artist (Derek Webb)  
Songwriting, Gear, And Life (Phil Wickham)