Worship Is A Bowl Of Noodles: Or What Would Jesus Sing?

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Themes: Music, Songs

After publishing 1000 plus praise and worship songs over more than twenty five years, Dennis Prince advises us that the songs are like a bowl of noodles.

They taste great BUT …

  • Far too many noodles – these are self focused songs.
  • Not enough vegetables – these are PRAISE songs.
  • Little meat – meat songs celebrate the wonderful miraculous things God does inside us when we believe.
  • Too much gristle – these are the songs that just get it wrong. You leave them on the side of the plate

As a result, the spiritual diets of many churches are lopsided and unhealthy and they struggle with worship that is self focused and spiritually dry.

The good news is that, even though meaty, vitamin loaded songs are sparse, they can be found by worshippers who are informed, discriminating and pro-active – and the rewards are great.

Rigorously but graciously, WORSHIP IS A BOWL OF NOODLES: OR WHAT WOULD JESUS SING? provides clear biblical principles and strategies that help you to:

  • Recognize a healthy song
  • Plan a balanced spiritual worship diet
  • Enjoy rich God-focused worship

Course Outline:

Worship Is A Bowl Of Noodles: Or What Would Jesus Sing?  
Songs From An Ancient Hymnal