Worship Is About Everything

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Themes: Worship Leading, Character, Creative Leader, Spiritual Formation, Worship Team

A collection of free articles on a variety of topics from Dan Wilt, M.Min.

Course Outline:

Do You Remember?  
Open With The Same Song – Every Week  
The Tectonic Plates Of Spiritual Formation  
The Twin Masteries Of The Worship Leader  
Do We “Bring” God’s Presence When We Worship?  
Better Art! Greater Accessibility!  
20 Somethings For 20-Somethings  
You 10 Years From Now  
3 Powers Of Downbeat Time  
Kill The Music: When The Music Gets In The Way Of Worship  
The Next Worship Leaders: Acolytes and Artisans  
Now Is Not Normal – Plan For The Future  
Is It Too Loud? Worship Accompaniment Vs. Worship Immersion Culture  
The Most Important Message Jesus Taught – And Why Every Leader Must Get It  
Why “Worship Is All About God – It Is Not About Us” Is Dead Wrong  
Worship Leader – Get Off The Platform  
The Worship Leader’s Creed  
How To Bring Your Congregation Forward In Worship  
How To Start A Worship Circle In 7 Steps  
9 Ways Worship Leaders Can Become More Sensitive To The Holy Spirit As We Lead  
Confessions Of A Worship Leader: My Daily Worship Pattern  
How To Lead Worship Without Being A Rock Star  
How To Lead Worship For A Wedding  
Songs Are A Place We Go  
How To Arrange A Small Band  
How To Use The Nashville Number System  
The Nashville Number System Tool  
Smile: Why Worship Band Faces Matter  
A 40-Day Experiment That Changed My Life  
Moving Toward God With Doxology  
7 Trends That Are Changing Contemporary Worship  
5 Things Every Congregation Must Understand About Worship  
10 Ways To Stir The Waters Of Your Creativity  
Alert: 1970 Was (Almost) 50 Years Ago  
A New Definition Of Worship Big Enough To Live In  
14 Ingredients For Developing A Worship Ministry (From Scratch)  
12 Questions We Must Ask About A Worship Leader  
12 Elements Of A Thriving Worship Culture  
10 Best Practices For Worship Vocalists  
10 Best Practices For Worship Sound Techs  
In-Ear Monitors (IEMs): 10 Best Practices For Worship Musicians  
7 Steps To Running A Great Worship Rehearsal  
8 Ways A Worship Leader Can Be A Good Host At Rehearsal  
The Fraction Principle: How To Make Beautiful Music By Playing Less  
The Secret To The Most Effective Worship Leading On Planet Earth  
Make No Mistakes: 3 Ways To Move From Sloppy To Solid In Your Musicianship  
Manners 101 For Worship Teams  
Mentoring – Reaching Before And Behind  
Israel’s Hope: On Your Journey To Bethlehem (An Advent Message)  
Message Resource: 3 Ways The Battle Of Christmas Is Won By Worship  
People Of The Fierce Hosanna  
3 Ways To Make Your Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, And Easter Season More Meaningful  
The 10 Emotions Of Easter  
On Pentecost: The Spirit’s Coming