Worship Team Bible Study (Video Edition)

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Themes: Devotional, Worship Team

Inspire your team to grow together as you spend time in scripture, reflect on the passage as it relates to worship, and begin conversation with a couple of questions. Designed to be watched together during worship rehearsal, these short videos will help your team focus on God, strengthen relationships, and increase effectiveness.

Check back often as new videos are coming soon!

Course Outline:

Our Creativity Points To The Creator  
Worship: Personal And Public  
God’s Jealous Love  
The Magnified Presence Of God  
God’s Unity In Community  
God’s Strength, Our Strength  
The Global Song Of Worship  
God’s Never-ending Goodness  
Worship In The Battle  
Praise In The Problems  
God’s Glory Is For The Glory Of God  
Worship: More Than A Song  
Saved People Sing  
When I’m Holding On For Dear Life!  
Jesus Really Is That Good  
Character And Skill, Heart And Hands  
The Choice To Gather Together  
God’s Goodness, Our Praise  
New Songs To Sing  
The Global Language Of Music  
Lift God All The Way Up  
What I Can Control  
Simple Acts Of Gratitude  
Call People To Lift Their Eyes  
Enduring Is Overcoming  
Good Days And Bad Days, God Is Always Present  
The Surpassing Power Of God  
God’s Glory: Fuel For The Fire