Worship Team Development

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Themes: Worship Ministry, Worship Planning, Worship Resources, Worship Team

Mike O’Brien’s heart is to come alongside the average “worship joe” in the trenches and help him or her champion a worship journey vision that serves the local church. This course focuses on the practical heart and technical skill needed for the 21st-century worship leader.

Course Outline:

How To Talk To Your Sound Tech  
How To Talk To Your Drummer  
Setting Up A Click Track For Your Worship Team  
5 Big Ideas For Every Small Group Worship Leader  
A Worship Leader’s Guide To Cleaning Toilets  
How to Record Your Worship Team  
A Worship Leader’s Guide To Not Leading Worship  
12 Go To Apps For Worship Leading  
4 Behaviors Of A Thriving Worship Ministry  
5 Hacks For Attracting Worship Team Musicians  
Planning Silence In Worship  
Before You Sing Poster  
The Perfect Worship Set List Poster  
The $200 Voice Lesson  
The 7 Minute Worship Team Check-In  
Creative Gear For The Worship Stage  
Dear Pastor – Here’s Why Worship Leaders Struggle To Play Fast Songs  
Winning The Volume War For Drummers  
A Worship Leader’s Guide To Surviving And Thriving This Christmas  
Simple Christmas Eve Candlelight Service  
Nine Great Gifts For Your Worship Team (Updated Edition)